Bug off, CSS! (feat. PHP, MySQL and JS)

30 February, 0174: Some programmers will agree that CSS is the most bugging language ever. We often find ourselves bugged up while trying to debug CSS. Yesterday CSS bugged me up big time and it is then that I realised that,

Bugs may come,
And Bugs may Go,
but CSS stays Bugged Forever!


Weird, yet true. It just beautifies a markup language. It has no variables, no yearnings for the unattainable, has very few conditional statements, yet still it manages to end up performing disfiguring plastic surgery upon the face of our website.

Honestly, it takes 25% of our time to build the framework of our website. Another 5% to add the essential components. And the remaining 70% is spent to find that forgotten god-damned semicolon messing up our PHP, that god-forsaken typo guiding MySQL to disconnect our DB and that satan-kissed forgotten closing-brace mixing up all our JS functions.

And then 200% of the spent time is re-spent, because we can’t find that devilishly tomfoolish div element, which is adding a horribly terrible margin-right to our content.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

A Little Change of Plans

Old Plan was, I’ll have a new blog and write 365 poems in 365 days.

New Plan is, I’ll write 365 poems in 365 days on Antarctica Daily itself !

Why I chose to ditch the new blog? Who knows, but I’ll try to come up with a reason in today’s poem.

I thought I'll make a whole new blog,
But then my college got filled with smog,
Wait, it was smoke, due to a fire,
Whose scary flames kept rising higher.
I was on route to go to my college,
To learn from patients and earn some knowledge,
But I was in subway when father told me,
One of the college buildings is burning brightly.
Now, I a med student, so college is hospital,
Where we treat sick patient and mend broken skull,
Hence, I was really scared thinking about the patients,
What are they doing, Both the Ladies and Gents,
Thankfully humanity is surviving alright,
Colours of unity were displayed bright,
All worked together to save the admitted,
"United we Stand", the description fitted.
Students joined hands, so did the local men,
So did the staff and in came firemen.
Finally, fire was off, remained the smoke,
And a few scared patients of Fever and Stroke,
But their family members calmed then down,
Spread wide the smile, washed away got frown,
Together we survive, they taught me today,
When the skies are dark and times are gray,
So, I kept thinking hard while returning back,
I have still got another puzzle to crack,
Do I make another blog and start from the low,
Or keep writing here with uninterrupted flow,
Ultimately, when my stoppage came,
I remembered this blog's name,
It's Antarctica Daily, yes Daily it is,
So, if I post poems Daily, the readers I'll please!

As promised, I’ll post daily poems from 30.10.18 to 30.10.19. BTW, with only about 27 days remaining, I’ll start the final stage of preparation for the challenge. And then, from 30th, yep the marathon will begin…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

28 days to #365Rhymes

1 Year, 365 Rhymes to be written. It is a challenge. I don’t wanna fail! So, I will spend the days left till the challenge begins, by writing one poem a day on Antarctica Daily!

My phone rang, I wish it sang,
It had no ringtone,
My rules, My phone,
A silence hang, Then a bang,
It beeped on its own,
Like me, My Phone.
Angry I got, Took a shot,
Fell off my lap,
Into the gap,
Out came smoke, I had a stroke,
Heard Karma's clap,
Felt like a slap!


From 30.10.18 to 30.10.19, I will publish one poem everyday on Do you wanna take this challenge too?

29 days to #365Rhymes

1 Year, 365 Rhymes to be written. It is a challenge. I don’t wanna fail! So, I will spend the days left till the challenge begins, by writing one poem a day on Antarctica Daily!

I was bored, needed a thing, so I took this challenge,
To work out mind, To peace out mind, To take a mighty revenge
Against my boredom, Win my freedom, It surely is a welcome change.

I'll invent schemes, in my dreams, and write a novel rhyme,
One that's fun, To read and stun, Other's from time to time,
But if I fail, Out I will bail, If you blame me for my crime!

I will write, But I won't fight, If you want to too,
Want an invite, Am I right? To take this challenge, true?
Visit this link, If you still think, You don't yet have a clue.


From 30.10.18 to 30.10.19, I will publish one poem everyday on Do you wanna take this challenge too?

Waiting for it to happen…

30 February, 0174: ‘It’, as I realised later, would not happen that day. So, those among you, who were here just to, you know, wait for ‘it’ to happen, will be miserably disappointed, for ‘it’ definitely would not happen. I recommend you to pursue activities which mean more to you, if a futile wait isn’t your cup of tea, or rather, your plate of Biryani.

However, if your aim of life is to simply appreciate the aesthetic pleasure and applaud the natural creations of the creative nature, then this article will leave your mind full of anticipation and heart full of blood, duh.

I was waiting. Just as you are right now. Waiting for ‘it’ to happen. But ‘it’ never did, I knew not why! Was there a fault of my own, an unknown error? Why was I left out for so long, and then left out forever, when so long became an inadequate description of eternity?

In fact I am still waiting, as I type away fruitless words upon a WordPress blog, but atleast now I know I am not the only one who is! You are too. You too are waiting. You know not why, you know not what ‘it’ is, but you are waiting. Thanks for the company.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

What if I told you that…

30 February, 0173: What if I told you that typing out Hypertext Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, jQuery, Asynchronous JavaScript And Extensive Markup Language, JavaScript Object Notation, Angular JavaScript, Personal Home Page Hypertext Preprocessor and My Structured Query Language along with Bootstrap and Font Awesome Content Delivery Networks makes me feel very satisfied and helps me attain bliss amidst the daily struggle of existence complicated by the societal tendency to breakdown our thoughts into smaller more comprehensive sentences without multiple clauses with proper punctuation only to facilitate the appreciation of the communicated ideas and prevention of loss of attention from the recipients of communication to improve the efficiency and amplify the reproducibility of such attempts to share knowledge, ideas and inspirational quotes while allowing the exchange of perspirational coats using hard working hands which by the utilisation of electromagnetic energy stored in the form of chemical energy of high energy phosphate bonds of a dinucleotide compounds allows us all to enjoy the materialistic and consumeristic pleasures of our lives while often enjoying minimalistic and aesthetic ones for a split second and then immediately reverting back to the old school perfectionism which by the way has proved to be the primary reason in my habit of referring to a childishly simple acronym by its full fledged full form that is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation assisted in-situ keratomileusis before taking a jump which albeit might be considered to be a small one for mankind but is definitely a cosmologically humongously ginormous one of an individual such as myself to provide a compulsively impulsive compulsion to enlighten the world with the tiny bit of knowledge that GNU which is an operating system is the short form of GNU’s Not Unix and also that WINE which is not an emulator but is used to run Windows programs in the Linux Operating System stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator thus bringing us to the point where I finally state that recursive acronyms are my favorites just like the jokes concerning it are such as the one which hilariously states that the B observed in Benoit B Mandelbrot actually stands for Benoit B Mandelbrot?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

#Apple launches #Apple #iPhone and Series 4 #Apple #Watch on #Apple’s special event

A brief look at the ironies of Apple’s new Special Event!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Deep Ark)