‘Apple Unlimited’ launches new iJuice

30th February,0001: After ‘iPads’, ‘iPods’, ‘iPhones’ Apple Unlimited owner Steve Unemployments has decided to launch the new iJuice. “It is a boon of modern technology and is one of the most sophisticated edible material ever produced”,said the owner. The reports suggest that this apple iJuice has been made from a computer with very fast processor speed processing apple juice with a marvelous precision, accuracy and speed. Its 10 Tb memory can store ingredients up to 50,000,000,000 Kg in mass. Not only in taste but it can also be transported very easily with BT 4.0 or Wi-Fi. “It can revolutionize the food industry”,remarked India top chef Sanjeev Burger, “Mr. Unemployments new idea can ensure chef unemployment all over the world if he continues to launch the product of this genre is sequence namely, iJuice 2, iJuice 3, iJuice 3 plus, etc”, he added after a weep. No matter it drives out un-unemployment or reduces the work force to unemployed status, it is a must drink treat this Summer.(The last line is not meant for the  residents of our continent)

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