Umpire blamed for match fixing

30 February, 0005: Last match day, Silly Bowden was taken into police custody for a match fixing claim made by third umpire Saleem Dar. It was a match between Kolkata Day Riders and Rajasthan Loyals. In the second over of second innings, Gautam Gamebheem got out in a run out but umpire Silly Bowden said that he was not out. The controversy progressed further when Rajasthan Loyals took a review for the very same out and the third umpire Saleem Dar signalled an out but still Silly Bowden said he was not. Again on the last ball when KDR needed 6 of the last ball and Yousoup Pattern hit a four Silly Bowden again declared it was a six. All this landed him in much controversy and made many people conclude that after bowlers, batsmen and fielders it was the Umpire who had fixed the match. Silly Bowden was seen wiping his face with a peculiarly orange towel before his two wrong decisions!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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