Global Warming results in flooding of Sahara

30 February,0006:Often blamed to be the leading cause for environmental degradation, Global Warming proved to be the mascot of life in the burning Sahara. “The water has risen so high in the last few days that not only has it turned Antarctica and Arctic into desert but has converted the Sahara into an ocean”, said the leading weatherman of our continent. Although the proportion of land to water has remained almost the same , the climatic map of the world has been totally inverted. Polar ice caps have melted and are now starting to condense and form equatorial ice caps. However the map makers have come up with a brilliant idea that is instead of alternating the entire climatic map they would simple invert the temperature scale so that the hot yellow regions near equator signify the cold ice caps. It can cause a severe reversal in the world trade routes. It has been predicted that the major trade routes might just get altered due to a reversal in the direction of the surface wind. In other words it can redefine global economy completely by supplying enough capital to the developing countries.
All this just because of Global Warming!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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