Scientists invent Tube black™

30 February,0007:After a groundbreaking research on ways to save energy, scientists of ConCern i.e. the Conference of CERN a new research agency have concluded that their two years of perspiration has ultimately paid off as they have been successful in discovering the Tube black™. After the light bulb which strengthened the world economy the tube black™ is supposed to heavily influence the 21st Century industryindustry with a lots if load shading and global warming. It is nothing but a small particle identifier that constantly emits anti photons (we don’t know what that is as a lot of secrecy is being maintained) to annihilate the original photons and store the energy of annihilation to boost future use of the machine. It will be a boon to the people living in extremely hot environment as it can easily turn a well illuminated room into a veil of dungeon kind of darkness in just a flip of a switch. It is also almost like a perpetual motion machine as it can store the energy of annihilation to work in times of load shading. “Developing countries will be benefitted immensely..”,said Indian prime minister Sodium Molybdenum.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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