M&M travels Back in Time

30 February, 0008:“… You’re stuck in a time warp from two thousand four though…” were the lines sung by him in his famous song Rap Dog. Who knew he would practically perform those lines in real life? Last Sunday he was invited for a rap battle in Miami, which was the venue (and don’t ask the time ’cause that’s what no one is sure ’bout) where world famous rapper M&M travelled in time. It left everyone speechless as he rapped in supersonic speed and ultimately in super-electromagnetic-radiation-ic speed. First the verses he was singing begun to reverse, which everyone thought was a part of the song, but soon after he himself begun retreating and travelling back in time and he ultimately disappeared. Scientist Michio Cuckoo clocked that his lips were moving at a speed of 299792459 km/s which is 1kmps faster than that of light. Not only has he dumbed everyone, he also proved the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics  to be wrong as he was supposed to have imaginary mass at that time. World famous scientist Albert Finestein’s greatest theory was slammed to the ground and along with it, this also glorified the reincarnation of Newtonian mechanics and Laplacian idea of determinism. People worldwide will always look back towards this event as one of the best unification of the scientific and musical world. After almost five minutes M&M was seen back on stage but he was surely 10 years younger!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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