Woodcutter jailed for contribution towards air crash

30 February,0011:After a lot of research and hardworking our journalists were able to collect enough information to make this news believable. Neither Cripley’s amazing fact nor Tattoo Santoro’s mind blowing facts could be equalled to this unlikely happening, the news of which is making it’s rounds around the world. Three years ago a woodcutter had cut a tree in New Guinea and the tree had fallen upon an already cut trunk. A second tree was cut, which fell upon the previously see-saw like balanced tree, upon the trunk which acted like frustum and the third tree fell like an effort and guess what, the load was none other than a round worm, and following the laws of simple machines the worm flew high above in the air. A bird saw its meal flying and flew to catch it but just as it was going to catch it, it suffered from a cardiac arrest due to the intense heat of the sun. The bird rose to a certain height due to inertia, and then just as its upward momentum equalled to zero it fell down. It experienced an acceleration equal to that of the acceleration due to gravity. Just as the bird fell upon the land it created a sound, as mechanical energy was converted into sound energy and a tiger jumped up roaring loudly. A nearby tourist truck was immediately frightened by the tigers growl and they then and there drove the truck back to the village. They informed the village officials about their proximity to a tiger. This made them post guards and they forced armed guards to migrate from cities. This created a huge traffic in the road connecting the village and the city. A pilot was going to the airport but he couldn’t reach on time as the road was full of traffic. As a result, to minimise delay airport officials gave the responsibility of flying the plane, which the previous pilot was supposed to fly, to a new pilot. His inexperience ultimately led to the crash which was due to extreme bad weather conditions caused by cutting of trees which had drastically changed the climate. The woodcutter also contributed to this worsening of climate by cutting trees. Hence after all this research we presented the report to aviation bureau who jailed the woodcutter for the guilt of contribution towards initial and terminal causes of the crash. Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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