Doodle Maps finds a road connecting London and New York

30 February,0012: After the widespread use of internet worldwide, many people have become hero from zero. So was the case with Mr. Dark Crackerberg who had, by mistake, discovered a road connecting London and New York with the help of Doodle Maps. Last evening when he, due to some unknown reason, typed in “London to New York”, amazingly, his smartphone returned a possible route. He then and there, shared it on Freshbook. Within hours the post received global attention and expedition teams from the governments of all the developed countries were sent in search of the road.
Although the road has not been found till now it is expected that with the help of modern GPS it will be found very soon. Mr Dark has been offered the no-bell peace prize for connecting UK and US. UK queen Lizardbed said,”This will really boost our economy by acting as a trade route!”
Really, how novice people change the world, that too by mistake!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Categories News

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