Electrifying Election Establishes Empire

30 February,0013: Last time Ignited Kingdom had their elections, it was a peaceful demonstration of how constitutional monarchy can blend into the lives of common people when the entire world was mad for conversion into democracy. This time however, the entire country went mad trying to cast their votes. As the leading newspapers of all the world’s leading and developed nations are trying to investigate the reason for this seemingly insane voters rage, we hereby publish the entire theory on why the “Electrifying Election” had the world glued up in front of their TV sets.

It was morning 5 AM and an aeroplane was seen flying high above in the sky. One of the citizens was just stepping out of his house to cast his vote in early morning but the sight of the plane left him uncertain. Most probably, due to some psychological disorder or sight problem the man perceived the flying object to be a tanker. He immediately called the police and reported that an unidentified flying object was spotted flying in the sky of London which seemed to be a tanker. The police who had received the call had immediately transferred the call to his superintendent as he had to get out for a election day duty. Unfortunately, the superintendent was too in the washroom and instead the call was received by his assistant. His assistant then and there reported the news to the aviation department where it was due to some unknown reason designated to be the most important concern of the hour. As a result, all the airports in IK was compelled to cancel all the flights on that day and search for the tanker like UFO. With no aviation support the waterways were overworked up to their brim for trade and commerce. Now the real trouble began, due to cancelled flights the tourism industry failed. Millions of reservations made for foreign tourists over the country had to be cancelled and the hospitality industry was ruined. Till now the effect did not cast its shadow upon the common people. However half past 12 the previous sentence became a fact of distant past. People denied to cast their votes as they felt if they re-elect this government the problem might increase manifold. Slowly with ruining trade industries, the textile industry and the food industry perished. All this happened in just few hours. Now the military was forced to guard the entire country with tanks. This increased the problem exponentially as every people who saw a tank believed that it was the alien tank which was seen flying. Millions of phone calls bombarded the police stations and the telephone industry was heavily affected due to hyper traffic in the lines. Now the Queen took control and the decision was made to dissolve the highly chaotic parliament. It was how once again after 150 years, that IK became an empire ruled by a monarch with no Parliament.

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