Influential Quotes which Changed The World

30 February, 0014: Whenever the world has been threatened by the obliteration of moral values, a human being has always stood firm and directed our deteriorating civilization towards enlightenment like a prophet. During those times, the words they spoke have occupied a permanent position at the bottom of our heart and serve us everyday to deal with the practical pressure of our life. Some if those influential quotes are as follows:
1) “The greatest satisfaction of our life is the fact that we are satisfied.”
2)”Our lives are like roads with a single lane but the traffic is two-way .”
3)”When you think you know everything, wait and recollect what you don’t know.”
4)”All that matters is that whether it’s a six or not, no matter it just crosses the boundary or sails over the stadium, but be careful don’t overdo it so that the ball travels the whole world round and hits back at your stumps, ’cause remember the world is round. What you do to it, it will do that to you!”
5)”The day the sun will not rise, the night too will not fall.”
6)”If you just missed 100% for a silly mistake then remember the tower of Pisa is famous because it’s leaning.”
All quotes are by Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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