Hundreds of ACs reported dead as epidemic sweeps across Germ-many

30 February,0016: After the Ebola scare, its the brand new AC machine flu which is scaring the people worldwide. Although reported cases haven’t yet crossed the boundary of Germ-many, people from all the neighboring countries have already taken required precautions. According to the reports, the bacteria named ACtomycetes is responsible for the spread of the epidemic. It attacks the external unit directly and slowly corrodes the important metal parts. In the advanced stage the internal unit is affected and the bleeding of coolant fluids take place. As a result, the air conditioner suffers from anaemia and fever resulting in slower and hotter air circulation. Anti-ACdeteriorics like ACtomycin and AC-cyclin have been discovered which are believed to have immediate effect in healing the AC. As a precaution it is advised by WHAT(World’s Healthy Air-conditioner Treatment) head Mr. Hell in Killer to make the AC wear masks and to supply electricity on a balance diet. It is believed that modern medication will soon eradicate the problem. However, Hundreds of AC has been sold in the exchange offer and the Germ-man AC industry has suffered a huge loss.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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