Mosquito’s untimely suicide sparks off anti-racist campaign

Mr. Mosquito's deadbody

30 February,0021: Often in our history, the greatest societal changes have all propped up from minute phenomenon, which have changed the world and have influenced humanity greatly. Last day’s suicide case of Mr. Anopheles Mosquito was no exception. Our reporters have gathered enough information to conclusively state that the mosquito had been under immense pressure from his workplace and also from the government of India for paying proper blood taxes. Although he was the manager of a blood bank lately it seemed that his wife Mrs. Mosquito had not been able to properly gather enough blood. She was taken to a hospital and was diagnosed with having too much Wuchereria bancrofti in her body. Within few days she had passed away. As Mr. Mosquito took her lifeless body to a graveyard, he was barred from even entering into the premises for his dark chitinous cuticular epidermis. Heart broken and racially insulted he jumped from the top of a building hereby ending his life. As Homo sapiens came to know about this tragedy they immediately prosecuted the bargeman and coroner. Miles long processions were walked and billions of arthropods and primates participated to pray for the honest mosquito for a place in heaven. The central theme of all this was to ensure no more racism takes place. If you haven’t yet heard of the protest then let me request to you: PLEASE STOP RACISM.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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