Meteorite🌌 strikes village pond, pushes Earth🌎 into Mars’ Orbit.

30 February,0022: Just as the doomsday scare began to extinguish, a meteorite strike literally sparked it all over once again.
Yesterday, the terrible Earthquake which was felt by all of us followed by a cold winded thunderstorm which had persisted till today, have been described by the scientists as a result of an impact of a huge meteorite. The result of the collision was a huge burst of energy which repelled gravity and pushed Earth  into the deep space and forced it to join Mars’ orbit. Scientists have optimistically remarked that it was a blessing in disguise as it would severely reduce the interplanetary travel cost to Mars although it would increase our expenditure for woollen garments.
The village where the meteorite struck suffered from extreme economic hardship as it ignited the crop fields and vaporized the pond water . However, UN has assured that if the Mars mission succeeds the poor rural people would be gifted a plot of land on Mars. Indian economist Azim Frenzy said,”If we can utilise the red planet’s land to its fullest by gifting the land to the poor and needy it could help reduce economic and social inequalities.”
As a moral of this unlikely event we have learnt two things:-
1)Every cloud has a silver lining.
2)Red is always beneficial for the poor!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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