Boy with 36 IQ tops University entrance test with 113.5% marks

30 February,0023: “Nothing in this world could be predicted with 100% certainty.” This is one of the most popular quotes given by Prussian President Dr. Pudding. Amazingly enough, this quote was proved to be 100% true by one of the strangest coincidences. Last month, an Indian Origin boy had appeared in the entrance examination of the University of Pencilvanilla. Despite a lot of discouragement from his friends and family due to his unbelievably low IQ of 36 he went to accomplish his dream of studying medicine in an American University. When the results came out, it shocked the entire world. Contrary to all predictions about his marks, that boy had not only passed the examination but he had even topped it! After a few press conferences which he attained we got a chance to meet him. In the enlightening conversation that took place in our studio he shocked us for the second time with his unimaginable wit. He said ,”I used to wake up at 4’o’clock everyday in the morning and then study hard till 5’o’clock the next day morning for 25 hours a day.” We were mesmerised by his tenacity to work hard and his determination. On consulting with the the vice chancellor of the university we came to know that he had not only got 113.5% marks but also received a 150% scholarship (i.e the university will pay him half the fees and he won’t pay anything to the university). Honestly, he proved, Practice makes a man Perfect! Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay Editor-in-chief Antarctica Daily Website:

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4 thoughts on “Boy with 36 IQ tops University entrance test with 113.5% marks

  1. educationalist04 June 13, 2015 — 1:10 pm

    Great site Arkadeep. Thank you for liking my Learning Renaissance article. I think we share a similar world view!

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    1. Agreed😊.
      Since when have you been blogging? My blog is exactly one and half months old and your blog is a greatly inspirational for students.


      1. educationalist04 June 13, 2015 — 7:43 pm

        Thank you, that is very gratifying to hear. We spent six months in the development stage and building an initial library of resources and we launched in January 2015. I am very fortunate to be working with a technical genius by the name of Sue Cowley, so I only have to worry about generating content. I loke the graphical style of your blog, it is sensational… I’m sure it is a must read in Antarctica 😉

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