Mathematician succeeds in drawing A Straight Circle

30 February, 0024: The world of mathematics is strange one. Full of paradoxes yet extremely simple. Mathematics has surprised us with its richly conceptual foundation ever since the beginning of mankind and this discovery is no exception.
Sir Edward Logarithm of Shamebridge University successfully succeeded in proving an ancient conjecture. This conjecture is called the “Paradox of the straight circle”. The problem is to draw a straight circle. The answer is simply non existent as a circle has only one curved line and no straight lines. But Sir Edward has done the impossible with 100% success. After the discovery Sir Logarithm told his students in a lecture ,”If you can write the Taylor expansion of a complex function and then differentiate it and multiply the derivative with the Fourier transformed integral of its inverse raised to the power of hyperbolic sin when the graph is converging to fifth root of eight hundred and seventy two while expressing it as a geometric series and a harmonic series simultaneously and exponentiate it after solving the modulus and ultimately plot it with respect to the 15 variables you used on a 16 dimensional hyperspace then you can retrieve the straight circle in its elemental form.” Presently, the theory hasn’t been simplified enough for the common people to understand however you can surely admire and appreciate the mathematical sorcery involved in the process.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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4 thoughts on “Mathematician succeeds in drawing A Straight Circle

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    1. I visited your website. It is really an inspiring experience for me because I have started blogging recently.

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