New surgery to help install Android apps in your brain

30 February, 0025: All of us have dreamed about the day when we will be assimilated with a robot and can perform superhuman task. Last day, that dream became reality! Gurgle ltd. along with a committee of doctors succeeded in implanting an internal modem, a 50Gb hard disk and a dual core processor inside the brain of an unnamed 30 year old Malaysian man. They integrated the mechanical parts with different assorted regions of the brain. The processor was added to the prefrontal cortex and the hard disk in the motor cortex to help remember a wide variety of stimuli and responses. The internal modem was added to the rhombencephalon or the hind brain to allow WiFi connectivity. Today at 10:00 AM the first app (an antivirus) was downloaded inside his brain and was installed in his spinal cord to prevent him from both viral and bacterial infections. The doctors declared that the next app to be downloaded is a calculator app which will increase his calculative power tremendously. Although the effects of all the apps are still unknown, it is believed the humankind will be immensely benefitted by this modern marvel.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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