Botanists to organise “Phyto Olympics” for plants

30 February,0027: As we know, equality in opportunity is the motto of the modern world. However, sometimes this search for equality result in never- thought-before ideas and raises never-asked-before questions. One such modern example is the decision made by the botanist to introduce the first Phyto-Olympics. Botanists worldwide have been angered by the increase in the number of sports especially for the animals like dogs, cats, horses, etc. “Both of us are equal in status, but still the zoologists have races for their organisms while we perish simply studying our textbooks and classifying plants. This should be put to an end.😈”, said an Australian botanist. Some people have hailed this strange version of the Olympics games as “The Revolution of The Plant Kingdom” while others(mainly zoologists) have laughed at its imbecility. Its still unclear, however, how could plants participate in races, because they are sessile and sedentary but the botanists have advice everyone to stay tuned for the action.
The game begins tomorrow at 5:30 GMT.
         Live coverage here.(click on it)

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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