Tom and Jerry receives a warm welcome at Heathrow


30 February, 0030: After a relaxing vacation near Hawaii Thomas (commonly known as Tom) and Jerry arrived at London Airport this morning. Contrary to their expectations, millions of people(pic. above) had gathered at the Heathrow airport to welcome them. Due to tough competition from other cats and cartoons like the Oggy and the respective cockroaches, Tom and Jerry believed that their arrival might not make a considerable impact in the global media however, they were surprised to discover how wrong they had been. On asking how they enjoyed their holidays, Tom said,”Meow- meeeeow-moeeew-mowe-mew-meow”(which literally translates to, It went very well). It is expected that both of them would be soon back in the world television and a new series of Tom and jerry cartoon will be released.

The duo who coloured the childhood of so many children world-wide in colours of innocence and humor deserved such a warm welcome as they received after they arrived at London airport.🐈🐀

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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