World’s tallest man measured to be taller than Mt. Everest, even when he was standing in Marianna Trench

30 February, 0031: Fame can take us to great heights, but who knew great height can bring us fame? Mr. Alto recently had such an experience. He shocked both the air force and the navy simultaneously. Last Monday a routine flight was scheduled to land in an island near Australia. After witnessing extreme less visibility in a seemingly clear sky the pilot alarmed the air control tower of an unknown storm approaching. At the same time a submarine diving deep into the ocean also reported obstruction ahead. After the report from both the experience were compiled a satellite picture was ordered to be taken. This revealed even stranger facts. Data analysts saw strange hair like outgrowth at about 9000 m above sea level. Ultimately using precise measurements and face recognition technology it was declared that the obstacle in the both cases of air force and navy was due to a single person named Alto. His height is almost 20,000 m as was calculated which is 19998.3 m taller than an average human being. This sudden gigantism has been blamed to his habit of over consumption of health drinks and height increasing drinks. On asking him what he was doing at the middle of the ocean that is at Challenger Deep in Marianna Trench, he said that he was trying to bathe as other bathrooms could not fit him. He stood almost 11000 m below sea level and still was tall enough to be taller than Mt. Everest at 9000 m from the sea level!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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