Umpire receives the Man of the Match trophy

30 February, 0032: Cricketers are mostly rewarded with a man of the match award for their brilliant performance in a cricket match. Umpires however remain utterly sublime for their honesty and proper conduct during the game. But yesterday something strange happened. Mr Steel Burger was awarded the man of the match award for his brilliant fielding! In other words, the umpire was awarded the man of the match! Let’s get into details now, as a news without statistics is equivalent to a ship (not the modern ones) without sail. India scored 320 in the first innings. Australia was restricted to 160. Simply a 160 run victory for India. But don’t think that India played marvellously well because there performance was quite ordinary. It was due to the brilliance of Burger who had saved almost a few hundred fours and a few thousand two or three runs while he had been umpiring at the leg! He even dismissed Whatson as somehow he managed to jump at the right time to avoid the approaching ball which resulted in catching the ball with his lower jaw and neck. Ultimately he along with the other Indian eleven managed in restricting Aussies to just half the target.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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