A small step for the driver, but a GIANT LEAP for the bus


30 February, 0033: Some people believed that it was an aeroplane while the others concluded that it might be a flying saucer. It was a bus, actually, which flew that is, took off, was midair, and then landed (not in an appreciable way though). The insurance companies got something to pay for and the doctors got patients(a bus full of them) to practice upon while the engineers got a chance to build a new bus.
Here is what a witness had to say, “I felt as if I was sleeping. I saw a bus flying over that gap in the bridge which is still under construction. I guess the driver pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. Luckily, all are alive and there is no fatality.”
So that was all, a small press over the accelerator and the bus jumped entirely over a 6 m bridge gap. Theoretically, it bridged the gap!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com

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