After selfie, the latest trend is COOLFIE

30 February,0034: Before you get the wrong notion that coolfies are cool-selfies let me clear the doubt that selfies and coolfies are not at all related to each other. Coolfies are actually ice cream type desserts famous in India and the neighboring countries. Recently the people have been so much obsessive about coolfies that they have destroyed the shops which do not have them. Indian finance minister, Mr. Rupee said,”The sudden growth in the consumption of coolfies could be a boon for Indian economy. Recent studies have shown that 43% of the farmers and landowners have given up their farm for joining a coolfie industry.” Also, the CEO of ICL i.e. Indian Coolfie Limited, Mrs Cool have been named to be the richest woman on Earth owning about $400,000,000,000. Half of the world population is presently skipping lunches and dinners for having a bite of the delicious coolfie. When things go viral, no antivirus could stop their influence. Even people in Antarctica have started eating cold Coolfies although the temperature is somewhere around -53.5 degree centigrade!

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