5,000 people evacuated from ‘Brinjal-Arab’ after Fire Extinguisher catches Fire

30 February,0035: A few days back a shocking incident shocked the entire world. The fire in the world’s most luxurious hotel left the entire mankind thinking upon their safety appliances. Ideally, whenever the question is about a fire the solution is a Fire Extinguisher. This time, however, the Fire Extinguisher was itself the question! For the first time in the history of mankind a Fire extinguisher had caught fire! Instead of extinguishing the flames it somehow ignited it further so that the hotel management suffered from a huge loss due to the resultant burn. In the mean time, 5,000 people were evacuated and fire fighters dried the entire Arabian Sea in attempt to extinguish the fire. Although there were no deaths, this incident will always be remembered by the people of this planet.

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