Computer Chaos Crucifies Customer

30 February, 0036:  Some people are always there to create confusion when there is simply nothing to worry about. And people who deliberately call up the customer service for the silliest of the reason are not an exception. Two days ago such an incident had a widespread effect upon the entire world. The customer who is the protagonist of this article bought a laptop from a shop near Times Square. The same day at night when the customer tried to switch on the laptop for the first time he experienced a difficulty. The OS was named Gates. He called up the customer care, and asked them to send an engineer to his home. By the time the engineer had reached his home he had already installed 736,473 adware, 7,383,838 malware, 839,208,635,526 spyware, 53,583 phishing, 6,729,295 virus softwares and created 8,282,919,252,515 fake social media accounts, all by mistake trying to fix the problem. His computer was by that time hacked by 2,789 hackers from round the world who sent intelligent programs to his PC which hacked the nearby satellites which were present near to his location. As a result global communication was brought down and service provides failed to provide service. One of the satellites crashed into another and the chain reaction begin. Slowly, the intra-planetary communication was stopped due to supercalifragilisticexpialidociously high traffic near News York and at the same time debris started falling onto Earth as almost all the satellites crashed into one another. With no communication facility the power factories were closed and the world blacked out. The computer customer still had 62%  battery left and his laptop was the only source of light for the entire Earth. The engineer who was appointed to come to his house leaked this news to a news channel. The news channel then and there went to a lawyer and decided to crucify the customer for his act of mass destruction.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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