New ‘Fission Funny’ is equipped with six reverse gears

30 February, 0037: What goes up, always comes down. But what goes front may not always come back. However, now the brand new Fission Funny will! It has a top speed of 240 mph in the reverse direction. The car manufacturers believed that this remarkable innovation could help improve the traffic rules around the world. For example, roads no longer will be divided into 2 lanes as all cars can accommodate themselves in a single lane. Both inbound and outbound cars could travel in straight lines and simply shift to reverse gear if they needs to go back. No more U turns and no more junction problems. Less traffic jamming and wider smiles on people’s face!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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2 thoughts on “New ‘Fission Funny’ is equipped with six reverse gears


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    1. Nice to meet an Indian blogger who blogs in our national language.

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