Scientist calculates the modulus of zero while laughing out loud


30 February, 0042: Very often in the history of science, had the most difficult questions been answered within seconds while doing seemingly unrelated tasks which in no way is related to science or, as Galileo said, it’s language, mathematics! Amazingly enough the answers to those typically difficult questions have been answered in terms of everyday experience instead of the use of mathematical symbols and logic. Maths professor Sir Dr Prof Calculus Calculator exemplified the above stated observation with unbelievably precise accuracy! He explained the nature of laughter using maths. He stated while laughing out loud, “Let 0 be a number, which it is. Applying the modulus function to it we get the answer zero, mathematically. But applying the function socially we get |0|=lol. Therefore, we understand the important action of laughter, which is nothing but a mathematical implication that modulus of zero is zero.” The reaction to this discovery has been quite mixed as some people have decided to award him the Nobel prize in both Maths and Psychology while others demanded a more rational proof of the proof.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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