Footballer awarded Oscar for “Innovative and Genuine Playacting”


30 February, 0044: “Convergence is the goal of the Twenty First Century.” But people seem to have taken the statement a bit too seriously. Whenever we talk about convergence we usually mean the convergence of topics like communication and transportation but fields like that of football and acting were till recently considered to be spaced too far apart to be converged in a single go. And guess what, World famous footballer When Clooney did it! Last fortnight, there was a match between Mancheater United and Black Forest Cakes which was the final fixture of the present season between the two teams. When Clooney did a marvellous backflip-cum-falldown-cum-slide inside the penalty box to win a penalty for their team. The playacting was ‘so beautifully choreographed by him and he did it in so much rhythm with exact feelings and               expressions perfected with appropriate gestures and supreme body language’ as put by the commentator that not only the referee was mesmerised(and as a result granted two penalties instead of one) but also the film corporations nominated him for the best acting done by a male actor! He won a lifetime achievement award, two penalties, as a result the match and also a gilded, gleaming, glistening and glowing Oscar prize. The day which started for him with a run on a green field ended with a walk on the red carpet, in other words, the world of entertainment and sports had just been converged!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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3 thoughts on “Footballer awarded Oscar for “Innovative and Genuine Playacting”

  1. I was laughing the whole time! Nice play on names Arkadeep!

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