FUN bans the usage of a dangerous chemical “DHMO” by the food industry


30 February,0045: Last year alone it was responsible for 5.7 billion deaths worldwide. But its production and usage wasn’t reduced even by the slightest amount this year. Food Industry advertised it as the elixir of life and used it beyond any limits. The UN-Scientific Society (UN=United Nations) declared that every person who drank this liquid chemical have died from different causes. Releasing the chemical into water bodies have resulted in flooding. It has also been the prime element in environmental degradation, causing acid rain, acidity and alkalinity of soil, soil erosion, tsunamis and even deadly flash floods. Biologists declared DHMO to be the cause of deadly diseases like oedema, diabetes insipidus, hyper tension, renal failure and ill health due to vomiting, nausea and loose motion and it even has paved the way for entrance of several germs. Scientists have declared that the accumulation of this polar covalent chemical has reached its peak in our body and further accumulation can kill every human being with 100% precision. This chemical is naturally occurring on Earth and is known to support predacious creatures that can obliterate our race from the Earth. No chemical previously had this much of an effect on the entire population and that’s why FUN (Food directory of United Nation) banned the usage of this chemical by food industries worldwide.


I, on behalf of our entire team of Antarctica Daily, request you all to kindly stay away from this harmful chemical DHMO ( Di-Hydrogen Mono-Oxide) also known as water(H2O) and save lives of your friends and families by sharing this article on social media. PLEASE SHARE. The future of human race is now in your hands.
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More information on DHMO portal.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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