Students revolt after Education Minister renames Biology Labs as Living rooms


30 February, 0046: Anger is the leading cause of revolution and it was proved once again by the students of India. A few days ago when Education Minister Dr Solanum Nigrum passed a new bill the entire student population of India was infuriated with furious fury to have the new bill cancelled. “The new law is simply unbearable”, declared a student from Maharashtra. The bill was about a small change in the nomenclature of the biology lab as Living room. Ministers believed that this change has the potential to rebuild the perception of school by the students and to replace the heavy disciplinary atmosphere of the school with a more informal home-like environment. Living room would also be accurate in the literary sense as biology lab is all about life and is indeed a room. But students’ demands soared high. They declared that bio lab is not having a TV nor a WiFi nor are allowed to carry our mobiles and hence calling it the luxurious living room is quite undignified and simply an insult to the very foundations of the living room. Moreover biology lab has more preserved and dead stuff than things which are actually living. “Instead you should call our biology lecture room a bed room as almost everyone is asleep in there”, pointed out a student from Kolkata. Hence, the entire idea of renaming the lab was received with criticism and banners like “Living room Go Back”&”Bio Lab come back”. Reports suggest that very soon the education minister will address the students in a public meeting and resolve all the complaints and meet their demands.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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