After life threatening experience for 53 hours 392 Firefighters succeed in extinguishing the matchstick that caught fire


30 February, 0047: Elders taught us not to underestimate the power of a common man, but no one ever taught that we should not undermine the power of even a single matchstick! Two days and six hours ago an one cent matchstick caught fire which was extinguished in the last hour after three hundred and ninety two firefighters gambled with their life to extinguish it. We investigated on how an object as simple as a matchstick can light up the lives of so many firefighters for so many hours. Within seconds we found out the truth. According to a witness from Louisiana, where the matchstick had caught fire, “I saw Mr Lighter walking towards the point where a new oil well was discovered recently, then I saw him lifting his cigar and then I saw him lighting a matchstick and then I saw him throwing it away, and then I saw him…well not him, but a ball of fire and from quantitative and qualitative analysis I deduce that the matchstick indeed fell into the oil well. It contained an estimated 1 Billion gallons of oil and the humble heat energy from a single matchstick did not hesitate to light the well up!” The mishap caused a calculated loss of 13 Billion dollars and claimed the life of Mr Lighter. Several anti-smoking organisations and campaigns have decided to use this case study to demotivate smokers from smoking as the cigar wouldn’t have been there held in Mr Lighters hand, he would have alive, so would have been 13 Billion Dollars and 1 Billion gallons of oil!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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