New ‘oversmartphone’ to charge itself using WiFi signals


30 February, 0048: Surely this is the best news of the decade. Internet surfing just got redefined. No more worrying about batteries while using WiFi. A scientist from Chad has recently come up with a brilliant idea on how to convert electromagnetic waves into potential chemical energy of the battery which would generate a very high electromotive force and the mobile will give even better performance. So from now on the usual statement you hear would be, “Hey my battery is down! Lemme download the new movie, switch on the WiFi, let’s charge the phone!”(The previous quote was a generalised version of what the assistant told the scientist after he made the discovery.) As a result the electric industry could suffer a setback as Billions of mobile phones, from now on, won’t be plugged to any plug point, and the WiFi service providers would be in heaven as the Billions of Phones would look forward to them for both drying and charging their battery. Theoretically, this new ‘Oversmartphone’ could be proved to be a  perpetual motion machine and hence a no-bell prize is waiting for the one who does it!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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