“What I am saying is false!”,says American politician Sir Riddle


30 February, 0049: Paradoxes have been a part of human logic since the ancient times, but until recently the thought that politics could be paradoxical was never entertained. Last  Monday, the speech delivered by Sir Riddle had a great impact on the human reasoning and the speech will be remembered by all of us for days to come.
Although the statement stated by the United States politician apparently seems to be a sign of low self-confidence, it actually is constructed with great care and represents a great deal about human psychology on deeper analysis. As a result of his intelligent and witty speech he seemed to impress everyone and received an astounding 100% vote with a 100% voters turnout and sealed the position of president for himself! Upon consulting with psychologists worldwide our reporters gathered the main reason for the astounding vote percentage! Most of the people on first thought, thought that Riddle was just kidding or riddling but then they all had a revelation that this might be the sign of the government which is ready to accept mistakes and correct them. Another group thought that he might be deliberately stating a paradox to explain the paradoxical situation of their country. Others, the less educated ones thought that if what he is saying is wrong then he is saying right as he is really saying wrong, while the more educated ones believed that if what he is saying is wrong which is also what he said and he is wrong again then the fact that his wrong statement was wrong makes it right! The industrialists believed that he is referring to some beneficial new law for them as he is wrong now and after being president he will be right and mathematicians believed that they would be allowed to express their mathematical thoughts more publicly than before(our reporters could not explain the last observation). The optimists cherished that if he is wrong now he might be right in future and pessimists believed that if his wrongs are wrong now then his wrongs will be wrongs in future. Hence, after all these beliefs and ideas and democratic sharing of thoughts by the people of his country, selected their new President, Mr Riddle and created history winning support from all the citizens of the country.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com

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