History forgets to repeat itself after Chemistry solves the mystery


30 February, 0050: Detective stories have been an integral part of human literature and the intelligence and wit embedded into it have drawn the least enthusiasts to stick to the pages of the book and have converted them into book worms. Although in the usual literary style a detective always solves the mystery at the end with dramatic unfolding of secrets, world famous Antarctic Author Fan Frown publishes his new Thriller in which the detective himself is the criminal, witness, victim and the suspect! But the true mystery gets uncovered by a Chemistry teacher who in no way is identical to the characters one usually finds in the detective stories! The story is about the murder of an unknown person by an unknown murderer in an unknown method at an unknown place and with an unknown reason on an unknown date. The detective who is an 86 year old Spanish citizen suddenly at the middle of the night visits an unknown police station for reporting about an unknown crime and files an FIR that a person who is unknown to be unknown had died an unknown number of days ago. As the story progresses an unknown Chemistry teacher is introduced who while giving a chemistry lecture shouts out,”Helium-IodineSulphur-ThoriumAstatine-BariumDueterium-PhosphorusErbiumSulphurOxygenNitrogen!” (Which translates to, ‘He is the bad person’) In this way he points towards him (we don’t know which he refers to whom) and he cries that he is innocent and he gets caught by him and he tries to run but he suddenly calls the police and he gets arrested. (Because of overuse of pronouns our literary experts have failed to decipher the meaning of the previous scene) At the end the detective himself gets caught after he declares that he is the criminal and gives crucial arguments supporting that he is indeed guilty and we come to know that the person who was murdered was the detective himself by the murderer who was himself! In this way history could not repeat itself as for the first time a detective story ends detective less and on a scary note but chemistry triumphs as the chemistry teacher receives the Antarctica Bravery Award for his awesome skill of talking in chemical names of elements and for solving the mystery in an unknown way!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com

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