Doing Homework everyday can cause genetic disorders

30 February,0052: Students are rejoicing with boundless joy as at last, science has spoken for them. No More Home works! The genetic study has at last proved to be sensible, as the students pointed out, to force every government to pass a law that home works should be banned and if not banned then the people who force the student to complete homework would be penalized with a large fine or even life imprisonment! Although the action taken is too harsh to be implemented immediately but students are looking forward to this law to bring in beneficial changes in our society. Now lets turn towards the health hazards of home works as suggested by the Scientific Community. Firstly doing maths home work for than one hour per day regularly for two months and eighteen days can mess up with our twenty second chromosome and compel it to cross over with the twenty first one and results in super flexibility of spine that can result in disturbing deformities of our posture. Moreover, social science home work has been banned as it can simply result in disintegration of our eighth chromosome and cause meiosis to occur in somatic cells resulting in halving of our ploidy with subsequent cell divisions. As a result we can give rise to strange organisms instead of growing in height or mass. After compiling the result from all the studies and assessing all types of homework, scientists have declared that, “Home work is injurious to health. Home work kills.”

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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