2026 Football World Cup to be held on the Moon


30 February,0053: Football fans grab your tickets and your space ships because the next to next to next football world cup will be held on the Moon! Last day the President of SIFA(Solar system’s Institution of Footballing Action) has declared that the football world cup will no longer be terrestrial but instead will venture out into space (place from where footballers like Lion Crazy, Nintendo Torrent, Fishtiano Owngoaldo are supposed to have come) and will have the next tournament on Earth’s only natural satellite, the Moon. “This would be a unique tournament as there would be no home teams and no home crowd, so it’ll be kinda impartial world cup!” said SIFA prez. Diego Belladonna. The low gravity of moon will add a magical touch to the skills and dribbles as footballers would be able to keep the ball in air for a long time. However, the biggest problem haunting SIFA is that making a stadium on moon would be insanely expensive. An alternative to avoid this problem is to deliberately hydrate the lunar atmosphere and grow oxygenic anaerobic organism like cyanobacteria and then introduce angiosperms and eventually protistans and fungi to populate the surface before growing bryopsida members along with lichens to ensure proper soil formation, ultimately ending the process by introducing the kingdom animalia and other photosynthetic life forms. Although the previous idea is a bit cumbersome, biologists have started taking concrete steps to convert the impossible into possible(or more of child’s play).

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com

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