Crustaceans demand Education Rights

30 February,0054: “Not just humans, even we want education!” was the slogan which was heard in all the corners of the world last day when International Crustacean Committee (ICC) demanded for educational rights for their fellow crustaceans. It was the perfect choice of the day as it was Teachers Day in India when the demands were made. Crustaceans demanded Free education up till the age of 10 Months and organised huge aquatic rallies. President of the Seas Balaenoptera musculus commonly known as Blue whale agreed to help them and allow them a seat in the human schools and collages. Although the movement has received severe criticism from humans, who boasted to be evolutionary supreme, Crustaceans along with their Arthropodan teammates established that their phylum was the most successful in the world. Insecta community has threatened to demolish humanity if the demand of their cousin class Crustaceans is not met. Humans have reportedly called a meeting in which the presidents of all the developed countries will take decisions.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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