Mathematician declares that the new Pineapple iCard™ is both Complex and Imaginary


30 February,0059: Entire world waited in anticipation as Pineapple boss Mr Still Unemployed walked onto the stage to announce the official release of the new modern marvel ‘iCard’. A simple innocent but multifunctional micro computer which is so revolutionising that its creators only don’t know how revolutionising it would be. “It can change the future and predict the history”, said Mr Still absentmindedly during his speech.”…I mean, change the history and predict the future, actually”, he added. But already within a single day of the launch of the device, a PhD  mathematician shocked the entire world with his strange analysis of the new device. He wrote in his blog, “i or iota is equal to √-1. Whenever iota is multiplied with any real variable the answer is a complex number. In this case the variable is card. We can prove that card is real using the theory of common sense and everyday experience postulate. Hence iCard must be imaginary and complex. This infers that it is impossible to launch imaginary stuff publicly as pineapple has done and even if it can be it shouldn’t be because it is complex.”
If you are already using iCard then leave your comments about the product below or HERE (Antarctica daily’s official contact page)

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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