ConCERN announces their intention to Liquefy Atmosphere, Solidify Oceans and Vaporize Continents

30 February, 0066: Constructive Operation on Cultural Educational Research and Nurture or ConCERN publicly announces their intention to change the present state of the world, literally and more importantly, physically. In other words they want to change the state of the matter of the entire Earth.

The ConCERN Plan

‘Farmers are bored, cultivating their crops on land, now they will do it on the air, as we will VAPORIZE the continents. Fishermen are bored catching fishes in seas and oceans but now they wont have to go off coast and do pisciculture on land, as we will SOLIDIFY oceans. Pilots are bored flying and being high above habitable ground, now they will be able to swim as we will LIQUEFY the atmosphere.”, said ConCERN Chief of Environmental and Mental Concerns, Dr Tie Breaker. Although the results of this sudden change in state of the entire world so its effects are being critically judged by the experts all over the world. As per the reports this act of changing states will begin from the next Week. It is being promoted that this single change can transform the human beings from an ordinary rock dwellers to hyper advanced aliens to our aliens.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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1 thought on “ConCERN announces their intention to Liquefy Atmosphere, Solidify Oceans and Vaporize Continents

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