Physicist cures Loose Motion while proving Loose Motion Conjecture

30 February,0068: A Physicist named Robert Bowel has reportedly proved the notorious Loose Motion Conjecture and in turn have provided the Universal cure for Loose Motion.

The Loose Motion Conjecture states that,

The Human Being’s reaction depends on the sum of the Force of Loose Motion and the body weight.”


His proof is stated as it is in this article. Consult with the inference to apply the principle to your daily life.

Let us consider that a human being of mass m is struggling with Loose Motion on Earth. The force which he exerts for the ejection of the loose motion is Lm . Since he is sitting on the some rigid support the Normal force exerted due to his weight is N.

∴His weight = mg = N

For the man to stay at rest and not be pro-pulsed by the stream of ejected Loose Motion the Force acting upwards should be equal to the force acting downwards.

Fupwards = Fdownwards

N = mg + Lm

When this is not the case and the value of N is less, the situation gives rise to Abnormal Reaction (Na). Hence an extra amount of force called Bowel’s Force (Bf) should be applied in the upward direction to keep the human being in equilibrium. This would give rise to Normal Reaction (Nn).

The factor of (Bf) or the Bowel’s Force is essential to have a normal reaction during Loose Motion and eventually cure Loose Motion.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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