In a current conference, Ampere appreciated Volt’s Potential while Ohm resisted himself from sharing his electrifying criticism

30 February, 0077: Last Monday, a conference was held in the middle of Bermuda Triangle which was attained by all the leading Physicist of the world including Ampere, Volt and Ohm.

Andre Marie Ampere was overwhelmed to meet Volt and he instantly started appreciating every aspect of Volts behavior including the way he walked, his charge and the amount of work he does. Towards the end of the ceremony Ampere was seen appreciating the Potential of Volt in overturning the future of Human kind (As if it was already decided) and changing the course of history forever.


His contemporary Ohm was however skeptical in the ‘over-appreciation’ of Volt, according to Oersted’s terminology, and instead was restless to share some shameful mistakes done by Volt in his life like his constancy in parallel connections and differential behavior in series connection. However, due to some Godly power, he was able to control himself and resist his temptation to share the electrifying comments he was about to.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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