Lunar Earthquake causes Solar destruction

30 February, 0080:Survivors wished they were dead. Dead wished they were alive. Everyone believed, had the ground not shook, the life would have been better and the death would have been quieter.

6’o’clock in the morning and the entire lunar surface shook with dangerous frequency as the lunar inhabitants including a few tourists from Earth rushed out of their homes and hotels respectively to check out what was wrong with their satellite planet. No apparent reason and scientific explanation could dare to explain even a fringe of the devastating disaster which shook the one and only satellite.

Mother Earth cried in floody tears as she saw her child shiver and destroy itself. But an even stranger shock came from surprisingly surprising source as Earth saw not only her child but also her mother, Moon’s Grandmother, Sun shiver to death and destruction.

Scientists on Earth have found out no explanation to explain the inexplicable phenomenon in which a Lunatic Lunar Earthquake devastated the Solar Surface.

All humans could do was wait and watch nature unfold her cruel arms.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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PS: Nature is the mother of sun, grandmother of Earth and Great Grandmother of Moon.

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