A Murder in a Parliament is an Ornithological Oddity, says FrankEinstein

30 October 0084: The ten seconds statement from FrankEinstein(who is very frank, has physical strength like Frankenstein and mental strength like Einstein) shook the entire world without any noticeable earthquake. Guards were posted all around the Parliaments and other governmentally important buildings all around the Globe. Although the initial few words were enough to prophesize a forthcoming terrorism, the later part seemed to add a surprisingly surprising surprise to the stated statement. Everyone knew it had a deep meaning, but no one dared to ponder what actually was the meaning.

Mr FrankEinstein giving the speech

Antarctica Daily posted millions of reporters to work out the meaning of the statement, and ultimately one fine journalist turned up with a satisfactory report. She said, “MURDER means a group of crows and PARLIAMENT means a group of owls. Since a group of crows and owls are never seen together, it is an ornithological oddity.” The Journalist was awarded the No Bell prize in Journalism as she had no bell in her house.

This was just a small example of how Antarctica Daily is changing the world from Below….

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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2 thoughts on “A Murder in a Parliament is an Ornithological Oddity, says FrankEinstein

  1. I suppose you want to crow about owl this.

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    1. Great observation.
      Pun Wit MeMe (a similar blog like Antarctica Daily) cordially invites you check out their new website @ http://www.antarcticadaily.wix.com/punwitmeme presuming that you have a taste in Punny Memes.😇

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