Are you WITTY enough to get this?

30 February 0088: This joke was uploaded by Pun Wit MeMe  with the help of Antarctica Daily on their website. Mathematicians collaborated with physicists to decipher it’s meaning as it was classified the most dangerous joke of the millennia.


Ultimately it was explained by one of our witty journalist….

It meant, “I ate kFc and some pi.”

Root over of minus one is ‘i’…

8C1 is 8 which is same as ate…

the first term in physics is k(Coulomb constant) , the second one is F(Faraday constant) and the third one is c(speed of light)…

& means and….

the summation sign means sum = some….

and we all know pi….

Now scratch your brains and work out the meaning…



Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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3 thoughts on “Are you WITTY enough to get this?

  1. I saw pi and started thinking about the last time I had a good lemon meringue. I’m sorry, what were you saying?

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    1. Haha😇”I ate KFC and some pie”, is what the joke says. You know what maths puns are first SINE of madness…


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