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30 February,0089: MONEY, as it turns out, has turned out to be the basic need of human life. Considering the vast multitude of ways in which you can make money, the following are the wisest decisions that could be taken to pamper your pocket.

  1. The Egg-Chicken Metamorphosis: (If you are hearing this phrase for the first time, then kindly visit this link before proceeding.) A dozen of egg costs $2.50 on average. A single chicken, however, costs way better, about $3.00. It means that $2.50 of eggs can fetch you $36.00 of income, provided you sell the egg you buy, after it hatches and make a profit of 1440%.*
  2. The Money Exchanger: Among the popular money making habits developed recently, the money exchanger surely deserves a top spot. The idea is to sell newer and fresher currency notes and coins at a higher rate. For example you can sell, $50 for $100 if you are in US, Rs 500 for Rs 1000 if you are in India, etc.**
  3. The Dangerously Dangerous Danger: Often money making yearnings turn out to be a dangerously dangerous danger for the mind of an innocent human being. As a result , the person suffers from mental disorders and loses a lot of money visiting the psychiatrist. So do not have the urge to earn money in the first place and you won’t ever suffer from any problem.***
  4. The Rich Alien: With the advancement of technology, we are constantly creating opportunities for ourselves to leave the planet and settle in other planets. So make your plans and before the human race as a whole reaches a planet for settlement, visit the planet and set up high tax rules and plenty of banks to own the financial autonomy on the planet.****
  5. The True Money Maker: Lastly, if money making is your passion then responsibly seek a job at the Government Mint of your country. Maybe you won’t take the money you make, with you, but you will surely derive aesthetic pleasure observing and mingling with monitory materials.*****


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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Terms and Conditions apply:

The investment time is too long and  the temptation to invite the eggs to the dinner plate, could at times be, as I say, quite insatiable which you should control.** It can land you in jail if not been completely ignored. *** It is the most important method as it teaches you a lesson about life. **** The investment in this case could be sky touching but returns will be in doubles of the capital at least. ***** This way, you can have a hand behind every note circulated in the country, which is quite prestigious.

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