Extreme Hypertension and Fever can convert your body into a DIAMOND MINE

30 February,0090: Maladies and diseases are draining the wealth of human beings faster than, what would have been, if we would have placed a black hole inside our pockets. But as Medical Researches have researched out, Diseases can also make you a billionaire. All you need is a Hypertension and Pyrexia.

How skulls will appear Very Soon….

Hypertension is the medical condition when our Blood Pressure increases uncontrollably causing harm to the arteries and the Heart itself, which ostentatiously pumps more and more blood out to prove its Dominance over bodily functions. Pyrexia is just the fancy name for fever, which you can use once in a while to exhibit your fluency in medical terminology.

According to chemists and geologists, diamonds are formed when Carbon molecules are trapped under huge pressure and extremely elevated temperature. Human beings are made of organic molecules which all contain Carbon. Now, if we succeed only in increasing the pressure and temperature we would all be successful in converting ourselves into diamond mines!

Not only will this prove to be a perfect source of income but also it can make us optimistic about life and make our world a better place to live in.

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Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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