World’s LONGEST Rally goes Completely Unnoticed after Everyone Participates in it

30 February, 0091: This is surely the greatest news of the century as no on other occasion ever before has“no one seen the involvement of everyone (because there was no one to see)”. 7,409,350,272 people who live in this great planet had joined in the WORLD’S GREATEST Rally to inculcate the values of environment friendliness in the mind of Viewers. But at the end everyone turned up at the rally and there was no one left to watch and perceive the meaning of this Great Rally. As no one witnessed the entire rally, it went Hugely Unnoticed.

This also explains to us several important paradoxes of the Universe. For example, is the sun there even though I am not seeing it (but if I would have seen it, I wouldn’t have seen anything else in my entire life). The rally proved that human conciousness and most of the laws of physics are dependent on the reference frame and it also explained the importance of an observer in any experiment.It also proved that even though we didn’t notice things, it still exists. This fact, if probed properly, can challenge the foundation’s of Schrödinger’s theories in Quantum mechanics. No pictures were taken and no evidence of the rally is left. And since no one observed it, they just participated in it, no one could recollect what happened.

And Yes, You too were a pat of it, but you won’t recollect it, as I have already said 🙂

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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