Scientists will discontinue usage of “KILO-” prefix for safety of Physicists

30 October,0093: Very soon, the end would be very near. Scientists have clearly declared that the longer the KILO- prefix exists in our Units and measurements, the worse the safety for physicists will be. They explained WHY on asking WHY?!


President of SPGS(Self Proclaimed Group of Scientists) Dr April Fool said that,” What we believe is that, it was the prefix kilo that has been the reason of death of all the famous physicists of this planet, especially the ones whose names start with O. To understand why, let us consider the unit of Resistance OHM, 103¬†OHM is read as KILO-OHM or KILL-OHM. Similarly, KILL-NEWTON, KILL-AMPERE, KILL-PASCAL, etc. are used and poses a great threat to the world-famous scientists. Although, the claim has not yet been approved by all scientists, it is believed that in future, the prefix KILO- will be replaced by something more gentle and rewarding like, LIVO-.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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