Asking WHY is now illegal

DISCLAIMER: We have failed to uncover WHY ‘asking WHY is now illegal’ because now it is illegal. However, we will inform you HOW.

30 February, 0094: The world was once again shocked with a 10 GigaAmpere current, when it was announced that asking Why is now illegal. Thousands of people were jailed because their initial reaction was to ask Why is asking Why illegal? In the following ways it can affect your lives….


  • The scientific research will be hindered.
  • Exams will be extremely easy as no more reason would be asked.
  • No one can ask you WHY you did something as it is illegal.
  • Normal conversation will be hindered, as there would be chances that you get jailed for being curious.
  • Many songs will be considered¬†illegal if it has the word WHY.

What to do?

  • If it is really essential to write or type WHY, replace it with ***.
  • If you are Chemist you can write TungstenHydrogenYttrium
  • If you are Physicist you can write Work*Plank’sConstant*Young’sModulus
  • If u r¬†lazy u can write y.
  • If you are Harry Potter fan, you can replace it with YOU KNOW WHAT?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily

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