30 February, 0099: While the whole Northern Hemisphere is sweating oceans, ensure that you reply the Hot Sun With Cool Reply and BEAT the HEAT, Before IT BEATS you. Follow the following tips and SHIVER in the SUMMER.

  1. The Tourist: Every day travel half the world around where it is night and come back, when it is night in your local area.
  2. Go Underground: Burrow as deeps as possible and reside in the lower reaches of Earth’s Crust. But do not burrow much deeper as The Earth again get’s hotter towards inside.
  3. Change your State: Exist as the liquid state as that will increase your Surface Area and you can give off as much heat as possible. Moreover, it will increase your fluidity(not fluency) and help you move from one place to another without much of an effort.
  4. Leave the Earth: Leaving Earth could be an appreciable idea provided you have pre-booked your hotel room in Pluto.
  5. Start Reading Antarctica Daily: Be our fan and start following us on Twitter, FB, G+ or Tumblr and of course WORD PRESS. Being Fan can help you cool down.
  6. Swallow HCl and NaOH: If you do not have a source of water nearby swallow lots of HCl and NaOH as they will undergo neutralisation reaction to produce H2O (water) and NaCl(Common Salt).
  7. Buy an AC or Dive in A SEA: Both will help you cool down.
  8. Switch Off The Sun: The original and The best remedy, though insanely difficult!


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


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  1. Superb Web site, Keep up the fantastic job. Thank you so much!.

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    1. Welcome. 🙂


  2. Great looking website. Think you did a great deal of your very ownyour very own html coding

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    1. Happy to make you happy! For more happiness periodically return to our website!


  3. Thanks really helpful. Will certainly share site with my buddies

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    1. Thank you and we also cordially invite you to be back to check out the fresh articles!


  4. I enjoy the data on your website. Thanks!.

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    1. Welcome. In case you want a change we invite you to come to Antarctica and enjoy the wintery-summer here!


  5. Soak a T-shirt in cold water and wring it out. Put it on and lay down in front of a fan. You’ll have pneumonia in 30 minutes.

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    1. Agreed. It will add a new flavour to the Summer!


      1. Only if you don’t wash it first.

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