Waterlogging is the parameter for development and prosperity

30 February, 0132: Water is life. The more the water, greater is the liveliness. More the liveliness, more is the development of the area. Hence, waterlogging is THE definition of development and prosperity.

After per capita income and GDP were found to be approximate measures of development, the social scientists were busy in the search of a new parameter that would help us accurately define the development of a place. Theoretically speaking, the parameter should be widespread, experienced by everyone and be unbiased towards the specific location concerned. Therefore, Waterlogging was chosen as THAT criteria, as it was experienced by everyone, New Yorkers to Mumbaikars alike.

Waterlogging is supposed to have a directly proportional relation with development as we mentioned earlier. Moreover, the mosquitoes breeding in the stagnant water can add to the biodiversity of the region and the doctors can prosper from the diseases spread by those mosquitoes. Hence, collectively the society will strive towards prosperity. Cars will automatically be washed and you will often get waterlogging holidays, a real mid-week treat. The water will clean your dress without you paying a single penny. You can also shoot amazing sea-side pictures while being at your own neighbourhood. Lastly the cold water will help reduce stress by reducing your body temperature.

This can also help us find efficient scientific remedies for the nagging problem of waterlogging, although the scientists may be more enthusiastic in perpetuating it as the Ultimate measure of Development.

Reported by, Sayan Mondal*


  • Student of Che Guevara and Paul Dirac
  • Plays Computer games outdoors
  • Derived the Schrodinger’s Equation in kindergarten
  • Net Worth: 20 gm of Antimatter

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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